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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Agile Methodology of Software Development in Develops

Agile Methodology of Software Development in Develops

During the development and testing process Agile Methodology works on the principle ofcontinuous iterations. In this methodology both development and testing of the software are done at the same time.
Inception of Agile Methodology: As against the waterfall approach of software development which is much older and developed in the year 1970. This approach was based on the assembly line production as proposed by Henry Ford in the year 1913.
Waterfall approach includes development of the process through sequential procedure and the process is not broken down into individual steps. The customer won’t have much role to play here and will only see the end product of the software.

The Agile methodology came into existence in the early 2000’s. In 2001 specifically a group of software developers realized that the methodology they were using for software development was different as compared to the earlier waterfall approach. The group came together and highlighted the beliefs, how the modern software development should function.
Software development using Agile Methodology follows 4 basic values which include –
·        Team interaction from time to time to discuss the process and tools to be used
·        Documentation of the software over the development process
·        Collaboration with the customer during the development phase
·        Responding to the change about following a plan.
Agile Methodology includes various specifications –
·          Agile uses an iterative approach of software development which includes making changes in the
 Software from time to time during the development process.
·          Agile methodology is based on working on small parts of the software development
·          In this customer has frequent opportunities in between to make the changes from time to time.
·          Estimating the time of completion is a bit tough in case of agile especially for bigger projects.
·          Errors can be fixed in during the process by taking corrective steps from time to time.
·          The testers and developers work side by side and every iteration process is subsequently followed by a testing phase.
·          At the end of each phase, customer acceptance is sought after.
·          The process requires close interaction between the developers for the planning and implementation of the program.

Roles of various people in Agile methodology: The Software development in case of agile starts with a vision statement and the problem statement. The Product owner highlights the vision of the software development and works along with different team members to achieve this vision. The roles of the different team members include:
User: The agile methodology works with the user at the center of the process. The working and the various steps of the software development revolves around the customer needs and requirements.
Product Owner: Product owner is the most important person in the complete chain as he is the bridge between the customer and the software development team. The product owner understands the problem represented by the customer and the outcome he wants to achieve. Based on the understanding the product owner builds a picture of the customer’s vision. The vision decides the values that are being addressed and the strategy that is being used for addressing the problem.
Thus the role of the product owner is to define the vision and together with the development team make this vision into reality. The Product owner helps to break down the problem into various other steps like who the owner is, what are its requirements, breaking down of the problem and how their solution going to provide a solution to customer’s needs. The broken down problems are further reviewed by the development team to see that the understanding is common.
Scrum Master: A Scrum master has an important role to play as he is responsible for setting the team and their roles in the process. He is also responsible for the sprint meetings and also works towards the removal of obstacles in the software development.
Testing Team: Testing team functions alongside in this case and checks the development of software from time to time. They will ensure that the software is running properly and is achieving the desired results.
Software Development Team: Teams working as per the Agile methodology involves team members from multidisciplinary functions. The team members possess different skills and the focus is one delivering a working software with the customer.

Various frameworks used under Agile methodology: Agile methodology uses various frameworks which varies basis the end objective and the vision of software development. Some of the popular agile frameworks are: Scrum framework and Kanban framework.
Thus, everything involving the business logic, the program, testing of the running program and the user interface of the program are all developed by different parts of the team and combined together before delivering it to the client. Therefore, it is important for different members of the team to collaborate on regular basis so that they don’t deviate from the project and end vision. Agile methodology also has the advantage of coming up with newer and advanced versions of the software from time to time with newer functionalities.

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